Meeting the Moment: milliCare Vets Disinfectants for New Enhanced Hygiene Services

Xổ số miền trung thứ 4 hàng tuần A trusted specialty floor and textile care partner for more than 20 years, milliCare incorporates innovative and reliable techniques to uphold their standing as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. milliCare, a franchise business of Milliken & Company, harnesses services like dry-centered method carpet cleaning and restorative tile and grout care to maintain the interior finishes for commercial businesses.

Clean and hygienic interiors have always been a priority for milliCare, yet with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, enhanced cleaning protocols became a necessity for business operations globally.

milliCare Meets the Moment

Disinfectants are a tricky substance. Many chemicals on the markets can interfere with stain resistance on textiles, interior finishes, and flooring finishes—which could permanently damage these surfaces. Disinfectant chemicals can also build up and are difficult to remove after repeated applications. milliCare wanted to implement a protocol that best served its customers while also accounting for continued use, so the business partnered with Milliken’s research and development team. 

Xổ số miền trung thứ 4 hàng tuầnThrough the research process, milliCare tested and analyzed disinfectants to prioritize both facility preservation and occupant safety. It also reemphasized the importance of following the CDC’s recommendation of conducting a thorough cleaning and disinfecting as part of a holistic process. Cleaning a surface or textile prior to disinfecting is a crucial step that often is overlooked. This process helped narrow the consideration set to ensure milliCare upheld CDC guidelines and its own rigorous protocols. 

Xổ số miền trung thứ 4 hàng tuầnTheir collaboration pinpointed Sporicidin, an EPA List N compliant disinfectant that would not cause yellowing, build-up, or interfere with carpet and textile stain resistance capabilities. This product, which falls within the lowest toxicity category, is OSHA-compliant and pH neutral—making it the perfect disinfectant to anchor milliCare’s new Enhanced Hygiene Services to help maintain the health and safety of commercial environments. 

Xổ số miền trung thứ 4 hàng tuầnmilliCare’s careful attention to detail and extensive research helped the business make an informed choice to best serve its customers. You can learn more about milliCare’s complete service line-up, including its enhanced hygiene offerings, by visiting the .